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Official Zoom Website Resources

In addition to OLLI at UK Zoom Resources, you may refer to the official support website from Zoom, as they have numerous articles on using Zoom:

Downloading Zoom

For the latest version of Zoom, refer to this download page from the official Zoom website only (unless you are downloading to a mobile device via App Store or Google Play): test

Using Zoom on Mobile Devices

Please refer to the following articles on Zoom's official website for information on how to use Zoom on iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices:


Video Tutorials

These video tutorials have been created by the OLLI office to provide walkthroughs on using Zoom. They provide guidance on aspects inside and outside of Zoom meetings. These videos are especially helpful for those with limited Zoom experience or for those that have not used Zoom before.

Joining a Meeting

Adjust Settings

Quick Video Guides

These are GIFs that quickly show you how to do certain operations in Zoom: