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Sign into Zoom Manager via Link Blue

If you plan on hosting your own classes, you must setup a Link Blue account and download Zoom to your device. (the Zoom software itself is free and can be downloaded to your device here)

Once you have set up the Link Blue account, go to the University of Kentucky's Zoom website, to sign into the Zoom Manager for creating, managing, and starting your Zoom meetings. Logging in from Zoom's website will not work.

You can also open the Zoom application directly on your computer, then select "Sign In", then under "or sign in with", select the first option to the left, "SSO". You will then be asked to sign in with your Link Blue credentials.

*requires Link Blue username. Please contact OLLI Office if you do not remember your Link Blue username.



  • Zoom Guidelines: This document goes over best practices for OLLI Instructors, Zoom Students, and In-Person Students.
  • Create & Manage Zoom Meetings: This 8-page document shows you step-by-step how to create and manage your Zoom meetings, as well as how to edit meeting information, start meetings, and delete meetings from your Zoom manager. Helpful images are also included.
  • Alternative Host Assign: Short document on how to setup an Alternative Host for a Zoom meeting (if they also have a Link Blue account)
  • Screen Sharing: PowerPoint document that includes helpful images in regards to Screen Sharing.
  • Keep Out and/or Remove Uninvited Guests from a Zoom Meeting: This article from the official Zoom blog will go over securing your meetings as well as how to remove uninvited guests that may distract the class and/or cause innappropriate behavior. This includes locking a meeting, manually removing unwanted users, setting a passcode, using the Waiting Rooms option, and more.


Video Tutorials

These video tutorials have been created by the OLLI office to provide walkthroughs on certain Zoom features and functionality. They provide guidance on aspects inside and outside of Zoom meetings. While primarily geared towards assisting our OLLI Instructors and Facilitators, feel free to refer to these videos if you are an OLLI member interested in some of the more advanced functions regarding Zoom.

Outside of Zoom Meeting

During Zoom Meeting


Quick Video Guides

These are GIFs that quickly show you how to do certain operations in Zoom (once you open a GIF, be sure to click the backspace button on your internet browser to return to this page):

Meeting Controls & Display Name

Screen Sharing

End a Zoom Meeting